How is your family structure?

Family businesses provide a feeling of togetherness; however, differences in opinion can wreak havoc on relationships. Is there a possibility for structures that can help prevent a breakdown in family relationships? We have been discussing strategies for separating the company from the family. Treat the company as a company & the family as a family. […]

I can help you resolve family business conflicts

I have been sharing posts on various social media on the tragic outcomes resulting from conflict in some of the world’s most famous family businesses. What about the flip side? What do successful families do to minimize conflicts? While those stories are nowhere near as entertaining to read, we can learn from some of their strategies.  […]

Merry Christmas to all!

In today’s world where we are surrounded by ugly news, I thought it was time to share a little humour. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading my email. Mr. Smith loved his daughter very much, so when she got married he gave his son-in-law Isaac a 50% interest in the family business. “Isaac, what […]

COVID Conflict

The title says it all.  I often find myself in conversations regarding the pandemic and how it is affecting each person so differently.  First and most importantly, it is about staying safe and healthy with your loved ones.  We tend to first talk about the impact on mental health for kids out of school and […]

The Summer of 2020

I have been getting a lot of emails from many of my contacts that touch upon “returning to work” or “emerging from a pandemic” with all kinds of buzz words like, “corporate recovery”, “pandemic growth”, etc. I will admit, I took off that first couple of weeks in March to see “what this thing” is […]

How to come out of this on TOP

Hi friends, We definitely didn’t see this coming, yet here we are.  It seems like the right time to write some kind of uplifting article about, “It’s going be okay,” or, “we are almost through this unprecedented time,” or, “hang in there”.  Sorry folks this article will not be an iteration of the same. I wanted […]

Mediation & The Family Business

It is not uncommon for family businesses and their managing families to be in conflict.  There are the “every day” conflicts of running the operating company.  These can include debates on machinery acquisitions, pricing policies, supplier relationships, customer relationships, etc. For some instinctive survivalist reason, these conflicts generally get solved one way or another as […]

Give Me Some Space And Hear Me Scream!

I know this heading is not what most advisors face on a regular basis.  Is it really the best advice to give someone?  If your kids (at any age) conveyed this message to you what would you do?  As a parent myself, I know I would choose to listen.  I would give them space and let them […]

Family Business Conflict

Conflict stinks and it consumes way too much energy. It rarely gets resolved without some external assistance.


People always ask me “What is my why??” Why do I do the work that I do with Family Businesses?