The ideas of how we will take a little bit of time during this pandemic (to stay healthy first) to work on ourselves has taken so many unexpected twists and turns over the last 7 months.  Some of us have chosen to read more books, start to exercise a bit, eat healthier or on the flip side,  watch way more television than we would like to admit.

Those in the Family Business world whom I speak with often, have had a similar approach but with the addition of how we can help each other and our clients.

Well, how did I do?

The “to be read” book pile is slightly lower, I have seen every show/series that TV has ever made, managed to drop about 20 pounds, still safely visited some clients in person, and have repeatedly thrown my hands up in the air saying, “I give up” to the virus that has changed the way we do just about everything.

There, I have shared and ranted at the same time and it feels better.

In Family Businesses we have the same frustrations, but feel like we don’t have someone we can talk to about all the issues that arise.  Someone who understands the challenges you are facing in both worlds,  your business/economic world and your family relationships world.

I understand the impact of this once in a lifetime pandemic is having on your family and your family business.  I want to talk to you about it and do whatever I can within my power to help you come out the end of this as a better family and a better business. 

Maybe this is the time to plan for the long term succession of your family business?

If you find yourself feeling defeated and frustrated, please reach out as I would love to try and help. Do not feel like you are alone with these trepidations.  

Our phone call will NOT COST YOU A PENNY!  I want to help, I want to learn more and this phone call will be mutually beneficial, I promise.

I know I have shared this quote before (I think it was Brad Sugars of Action Coach) and he said, “the comeback needs to be bigger than the setback.”

Most of us have had our fair share of setbacks so lets link arms and mount a massive comeback.  Call me and let’s explore some great opportunities for success.

Happy Thanksgiving!