I know this heading is not what most advisors face on a regular basis.  Is it really the best advice to give someone?  If your kids (at any age) conveyed this message to you what would you do? 

As a parent myself, I know I would choose to listen.  I would give them space and let them know I am available to discuss whatever it is that is making them want to scream (or if they are actually screaming).  As a Family Business parent and assuming this “child” is an adult currently employed by your company, what changes?

Firstly, the workplace is not a place for screaming and yelling, or at least it shouldn’t be.  Let’s assume that the headline is a metaphor and no one is actually having a full-blown temper tantrum.

Now what would you as the parent and boss actually do?  I want to share with you one of the best answers I have come across so hear the answer while you are imagining this scenario.

Just give them space!! 

Acknowledge that there is something truly bothering them and give them space.  I have seen family business Moms and Dads get rather aggressive during times like these. They have to assert themselves as the “boss”, they need to “win” the challenge in front of them. 

Give them the space they are asking for. Let them know very clearly you would like to listen to their concerns when they are ready to talk about it.  Should they come to you looking to talk, do your very best to listen without judgment. Sounds easy but for many, it is not so.

Now it has been days since the “blow up” and they have not come to talk about things and the tension is getting thicker.  What do you do?

It isn’t going to go away or fix itself.  Call in an expert.  

Let me help you bridge this communication breakdown and dig deep to find out the root cause and how we ended up in this situation. 

Let’s work together on finding the best practices around communication in your Family Business. 

As a Family Business Expert AND Mediator, I can help resolve, manage and prevent future conflict to help your family business soar to new heights. 

Let’s have a complimentary call to see how we can remove the screaming forever!

I may just be the secret weapon your Family Business needs to climb to the next level of success!