People always ask me “What is my why??”
Why do I do the work that I do with Family Businesses?

I won’t fully answer that question now or this article would be way too long. 

My usual response is to ask those who are part of a Family Business why they do what they do. Their answers vary widely. Most say they love it (then quickly change the subject), others say, “It pays the bills”, and in Family Businesses especially, I often get a special answer:

“I didn’t have much of a choice, it was kind of expected that I do this.”

That might seem like a shocker to some and pretty accurate to others.  I can imagine a bunch of heads nodding up and down right now saying, “Yup that was me!”

At that time, you didn’t feel like you had much of a choice but felt you were making a positive impact. Your first instinct may be to do nothing different than what you have been doing, but is that your only option? 

Perhaps one option is to “run away and join the circus”, meaning having a career that speaks to your passions, your drives, and that might be your calling. 

BUT WAIT! there is another option!

This is my personal favorite:

Take what you are GOOD at within your Family Business and ELEVATE yourself to a higher level of performance, leading to overall satisfaction! 

This is accomplished by exploring what your “WHY” really is. So when someone asks you what your “why” is, you have an answer. 

Wouldn’t it be great to answer that question with a strong sense of clarity and conviction?  Everyone needs to know your why, and if you or any of your family members are struggling to figure it out, I can help!

Together, we can dive deep and determine the greatest areas of your work life and how it intertwines with your personal life. 

This is so important in the world of Family Business because your work life IS intertwined with your personal life whether you want it to be or not. 

So lets have a conversation and start creating the best possible Family Business Dynamics you can have. It’s a conversation that will be all about YOU living your best Family Business life EVER! 

Have a wonderful, safe Family Day Weekend!
The “Why” Guy