I have been getting a lot of emails from many of my contacts that touch upon “returning to work” or “emerging from a pandemic” with all kinds of buzz words like, “corporate recovery”, “pandemic growth”, etc.

I will admit, I took off that first couple of weeks in March to see “what this thing” is all about.  It is serious, nasty, and has affected so many people.  People like me, who work with others mostly in-person quickly learned to adapt to the technological world of  Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams with minimal hiccups along the way.

Just getting out (safely) and being in the real world for a short period of time, is reason alone to put a smile on my face.  As a family, we are spending our funds in our own community to support the independent businesses whose names I remember seeing on my kid’s soccer jerseys growing up.  Of course, this also includes take-out meals from our favorite local restaurants whose owners we have come to know, like, and respect.  I always feel like this virus is just over my shoulder and that keeps me focused on continuously being safe.

I wanted to share these thoughts with you because most businesses that are not producing face masks and other PPE, are trying to navigate through their next steps.  In many cases, it will be business as usual with some altered interactions.  For some businesses, it is a chance to plan out things on a deeper level, for the long term.  For others, there are some very real struggles. 

Family Businesses have been at the forefront of every economy for centuries. Yes, centuries.
The statistics are all over the place, but the one that resonated with me the most is that 80% of all businesses (worldwide) are considered a Family Business.  YES – 80%!!

It is that family business that sponsored your son or daughter’s fundraiser in school.  That family business is also the same one who you may have grown up shopping at around the corner.

I support Family Businesses in two ways.  Firstly, they are always my first stop to shop and spend my dollars. Secondly, my chosen career is to help, guide, and nurture Family Businesses to greater successes as both a Family and a Family Business.

There is no shame in struggling these days.  We all struggle in one way or another. I am here and would love to have that conversation to help get you “unstuck” by assisting you to prepare for the greater times ahead.  Please call me!There is no cost for that call!!

Let’s make the Summer of 2020 be the best one ever!

Brad Sugars of Action Coach made a great statement which is posted in my office:


This is not only my goal for my own business, but for yours as well.