I can help you resolve family business conflicts

I have been sharing posts on various social media on the tragic outcomes resulting from conflict in some of the world’s most famous family businesses. What about the flip side? What do successful families do to minimize conflicts? While those stories are nowhere near as entertaining to read, we can learn from some of their strategies.  […]

The Summer of 2020

I have been getting a lot of emails from many of my contacts that touch upon “returning to work” or “emerging from a pandemic” with all kinds of buzz words like, “corporate recovery”, “pandemic growth”, etc. I will admit, I took off that first couple of weeks in March to see “what this thing” is […]

What Are Your Intentions?

I hope you are well rested and ready to attack your “intentions” for 2018.  I use the word “intentions” instead of the word goals, after a long discussion with a dear friend who spent some time explaining to me why she no longer uses “goals”. What is the difference you may ask?  A goal can appear to […]