The Fun Season of Scheduling the Cottage…not!

We just completed the weekend that us winter-weary Canadians somehow use to signify the start of summer.  For those who own cottages, it is often the week of getting the dock in the water, the waterlines filled, the septic treated and an overall assessment of what damage winter did to your place. It is the […]

Give Me Some Space And Hear Me Scream!

I know this heading is not what most advisors face on a regular basis.  Is it really the best advice to give someone?  If your kids (at any age) conveyed this message to you what would you do?  As a parent myself, I know I would choose to listen.  I would give them space and let them […]

Family Business Conflict

Conflict stinks and it consumes way too much energy. It rarely gets resolved without some external assistance.

Should I Encourage My Children To Join The Family Business?

  This is a question that I am often asked by just about every family business owner(s) facing this decision.  It is often hard to come up with a direct answer for so many reasons. My first response is usually the question, “What does your son/daughter want to do?” This generally begins a discussion that […]