The Partnership No One Knew They Were In

As a Mediator and a Family Business Expert, it is always fascinating to explain to people why there is such an overlap in these two fields.  Let’s think about it, Conflict and Family Business…there may be some who will instantly see how these two areas mesh together.  For others, you have to believe me when I […]

4,000 Ways to Make Your Family Business Better!

Sorry to scare you into thinking this article was going to take a month to read! Okay, there might be 4,000 ways or more depending on how many articles you read about Family Business. I want to focus on #1 which is COMMUNICATION. Communication (or lack thereof) is almost always at the centre of any kind of Family […]

Is the Cottage Always the Peaceful Place for the Family?

The idea of a family cottage where everyone can hang out together and share the cottage time with their families is always a great plan.  Too often, disputes arise when families try and “relax” together. Does this sound familiar? There are more legacy type of issues with the cottage than with any other asset in […]