COVID Conflict

The title says it all.  I often find myself in conversations regarding the pandemic and how it is affecting each person so differently.  First and most importantly, it is about staying safe and healthy with your loved ones.  We tend to first talk about the impact on mental health for kids out of school and […]

Mediation & The Family Business

It is not uncommon for family businesses and their managing families to be in conflict.  There are the “every day” conflicts of running the operating company.  These can include debates on machinery acquisitions, pricing policies, supplier relationships, customer relationships, etc. For some instinctive survivalist reason, these conflicts generally get solved one way or another as […]

Difficult Decisions in the Family Business

Being in business is often fraught with daily, difficult decisions.  Some of these decisions are relatively minor and others can be deemed to be major.  It is the major ones that have the most likelihood of disturbing the “norm” or what is perceived to be normal.  The challenges and results of these major decisions are […]

4,000 Ways to Make Your Family Business Better!

Sorry to scare you into thinking this article was going to take a month to read! Okay, there might be 4,000 ways or more depending on how many articles you read about Family Business. I want to focus on #1 which is COMMUNICATION. Communication (or lack thereof) is almost always at the centre of any kind of Family […]

Can We Love Our Children TOO Much?

As a parent the immediate answer is NO WAY! You can never love your kids too much no matter what their age and stage in life is.  But there is a line in which our parental love for our kids creates a false sense of entitlement which will not serve them well in life. I […]